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Projects & Testimonials

Below is a list of our projects. If there is a link to a site, it is finished, if there is just a name, it is a current project. Under our previous ownership, we had a policy of not sharing our customers information. Under our new ownership, we ask our customers for permission to list their site, a brief description and any testimonial they may be willing to provide. We have over 40 complete web sites behind us.

To date, we have won two Posh'd Awards for
Real Estate Web Site Design Excellence.

Services Rendered: Blog Customization and Viral Marketing is designed as a site sharing online marketing information to Portland Oregon Real Estate Professionals. We had the pleasure of having him train our staff in the finer arts of Search Engine Optimization which we are employing on his site.

"In less than 30 days, I've had Google, YAHOO! and MSN visit my site a combined 417 times. I've also had over 300 unique visitors in the same time period and I enjoy top 10 search ranking for several test keywords. They have taken my lessons to heart and are doing a fantastic job"
-Nick Bostic


Corbett Loft

Services Rendered: Custom Web Design and Hosting showcasees new properties presented by The Maloney Group. The site features rich interactive elements including interactive floorplans, property photographs, maps as well as an administrative ability to update property status and pricing.

Services Rendered: Blog Setup and Hosting is a web site designed to allow a Portland Oregon Real Estate Professional to further establish his expertise. It is a blog site, but will also feature lead capture capabilities as well as featured listings.

Services Rendered: Custom Web Design and Hosting supplements Chicago Title of Oregon's monthly email newsletters, is the hosting home of the employees animated signature, moves their electonic ultility guide online and provides valuable product and service information for the local operation.

"EugeneDesignPro was a pleasure to work with, they worked around our fast-slow-fast timeline and put out an easy to use, reliable product that perfectly supplements our current offerings."
-Chicago Title of Oregon Director of Marketing

Services Rendered: Blog Setup and Hosting is a blog for a real estate professional in Portland Oregon to further promote his area expertise.

Services Rendered: Integrate Blog into Existing design,Blog Setup and Hosting

Optimized existing site for search engine capabilities and integrated blog system into existing design for Portland Oregon area mortgage broker working to establish local area communications through social networking and blogging.

Services Rendered: Blog Setup and Hosting

Portland Oregon real estate team blog covering news about the real estate market covering the entire greater-Portland area. Features lead capture and multiple social networkgin tools.

Services Rendered:Blog Setup and Hosting, Online Reputation Management, Email and Viral Marketing

Designed and implemented web site to educate REALTOR's about real estate technology. We help maintain the online reputation of the writer(s) as well as providing viral and email marketing services.

"EugeneDesignPro has again gone above and beyond to deliver an incredible product that is easy to use and has been performing better than I could have expected. Not only did I win a Posh'd award for the site, but I am receiving over 1500 unique visitors within my second month of being live due to their viral marketing efforts."
-Nick Bostic, Head Coach


We currently have thirteen other sites in pre-development and they will be listed as soon as all necessary documentation is signed.

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